Singer-songwriter, guitarist and banjoist, Marylaine is a Canadian independent artist who joined the scene as a solo artist in her thirties after a serie of losses, grieves and heartaches inspired her to write and compose songs.  Her French Canadian, Irish and Native American roots have influenced her sound.  She has traveled extensively to flirt with various genres such as jazz, blues, bluegrass, country, celtic, gypsy swing, tango, Argentinian folklore and latin jazz to finally set her niche mainly in folk music.

The love story between Music and Marylaine began as she was an early child, standing in awe when her family would gather to share songs, playing piano, accordion, violin, guitar and performing some storytelling. The local choirs have been one of her greatest exploration terrain as she felt overwhelmed by the magic created when voices would join together in amazing acoustic environments. 

She started playing guitar during her teenage years, learning chords and rhythm on her own, and eventually came to learn banjo. She got into jazz singing while living in Argentina and she extended her vocal exploration with the help of coaches in Argentina, United States and Canada.

Marylaine has touched the heart of people with her voice being described as 'soulful' and loaded with emotions.

Marylaine 's debut album Farewell Winter is a collection of songs that relate to the hard times she has gone through in the last few years and evoke a sense of hope and empowerment for the future.  Make sure you have a listen of her artistic coming out !